Thursday, July 4, 2013

A lttle negativity

Today is the Fourth of July and (unless you are still fighting a damn cold) most Americans will be enjoying barbecues, fireworks, the beach, and having all sorts of fun.

Then the media has to come along like a wet blanket. First we have, How To Avoid Getting Cancer From Your BBQ. After the doom and gloom headline, the real answer comes buried way down. "If you’re grilling and following the proper safety tips, the risk of getting cancer from grilling food is very low."

So first the fear and then the honest truth.

Then we  have the fact that there are carcinogens in Pepsi. I don't think I have had a Pepsi myself in decades. Who still drinks that much soda any more? And who ever thought Pepsi was a healthy beverage?
But I digress. Just more of the media being a wet blanket.

Yes they are ominous warnings. Cancer risk is nothing to minimize but let's keep risks to real levels and not over stress them. The media times their stories to make sure that they get the most coverage because its a time of year when more and more will be barbecuing or drinking soda. These would get less coverage in January simply because its cold and there is less barbecuing and more hot chocolate.

Happy July 4th to you all, just watch out for your carcinogen intake and out of line negativity.

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