Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Boomerang day

Yesterday morning my plan was to go meet with my new rhematologist, then to work, and then to attempt the gym again. Life never goes as planned.

I could barely drag myself out of bed as I was so tired. I went to see my rheumatologist who is new to me. She is very nice and had a bunch of good suggestions. She was also very good at explaining things to me. I think this will work out in the long run. I go back and see her in three months.

My problem is I have been on injection methotrexate for barely three months and am now skipping doses because I am on antibiotics. With methotrexate, you need to build up a certain blood level to get the most medicinal effects from it. If you have been on it for a few years and need to go off it for a few weeks, its no big deal as your blood levels are ample. But if you are like me and only on it for a short period of time, I will lose some of the benefit I have built up and may have issues in the meantime. I can't go back on it until the middle of next week.

Then I got my blood work done and left to go to work. No big deal. After leaving the hospital, I called my PCP's office to see what it took to get a note for the airline because I can't fly this weekend as planned - both ears are clogged. I was on hold driving to work (with headset) at 1015am. Finally, someone came back on the phone and said can you come in at 1115am? Otherwise, it would be Thursday afternoon.

So I made a (legal) U-turn, made a quick stop at Target, and went back to the hospital to see my PCP's nurse practitioner. I got my note for the airline and finally got to work at 1215 pm. That was a lot of driving.

I did get to the gym but only for a short workout.

Today's goal is for a calmer day with less driving.

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