Monday, July 29, 2013


Somehow a change has happened. All of a sudden, I have many fewer doctor appointments. I saw my rheumatologist a couple of weeks ago. I see my therapist in mid August and then nothing until October when I see my rheumatologist and dermatologist.

How did that happen? When I get my appointment list from the hospital, it goes through next July and has an empty space on it. It maxes out at 10 appointments so I have less than ten scheduled. I do know a couple are missing.

My endocrinologist and my surgeon follow ups should happen in January and May respectively are not yet on the list. For some reason, those departments don't schedule until less than three months out. I also know I need to schedule a follow up with my back pain doctor for late fall sometime as well. And I have to go in for blood work every two months as well. I have dentist appointments too but they aren't the same.

I do know a few of my doctors have switched me to annual follow ups instead of six months. That helps. I don't know what happened to all my other appointments. I really don't mind NOT going to the doctor. In fact I will enjoy it.

One aspect I will really enjoy is not having my body examined again and again. I do not need to be poked and prodded, have my vitals and weight checked again and again. I am fine.

I do feel like I am regaining a sense of privacy in hot being examined so extensively and frequently. Its my body and I am entitled to some privacy about it. I have missed that.

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