Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Looking for new news

I receive several billion regular updates on advances in the treatment of breast cancer, thyroid cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and back pain, among other ailments. Every so often something pops up and grabs my attention or even the headlines on new advances that show some real significance.

But they always speak of small studies and that more research is needed. And then we never seem to hear the results of anything only that more research is needed. And nothing seems to ever help me positively. All I have gotten so far is to learn that I need to stay on Femara an extra five years. But no miracle cure.

After six years of this obsession with cancer research, I feel like there is not much new. Maybe its the lack of the significant breakthroughs that impact me positively. Maybe its frustration with my health's continued downhill slide.

There has been so much promising research but we never seem to see the results. A significant part of this I think is do we remember five years ago when they said this looks good because of this but it needs more research. Now the research is done but we can't connect it because its been too long.

There should be away to easily connect all of this so we can see the long term progress.

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Anonymous said...

Hi! My brother ( doctor for 45 years, internal medicine and geriatrician and teacher) says that 100 mgs of aspirin daily reduces breast cancer recurrance by 25%. Maybe aspirin could replace Femara for a post five year patient like yourself? Good outcome, fewer side effects, very cheap! Robin

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