Thursday, July 11, 2013

Okay I learned a few things

I have had this stupid evil cold since Friday afternoon, June 28. It came to me courtesy of my husband. This is a normal event, one family member gets exposed to germs and brings them home to share with other family members.

My theory on colds has always been to take good care of myself and basically ignore them unless I become fairly sick. Rarely does a cold send me to bed for more than a couple of extra naps. I have never had a problem with this theory. Ignorance keeps the colds away.

This worked for decades.

Not any more.

In  the past 24 hours I have learned:
- when you start to feel sick, stop RA drugs
- when you start to feel sick, call your PCP, not after a week or 10 days as I normally would
- colds more easily turn into pneumonia when you have RA both due to the disease and due to the medication.

Today I am home in bed sick again/still whatever. If you are keeping count this is day 14. Normal colds evolve and slowly get better. Evil RA colds, stick around and get worse. My sore throat is gone but my cough is not and my ears are clogged.

I am on antibiotics that I started yesterday morning and if I don't feel better by Saturday I am supposed to go to the walk in clinic. Next Tuesday I see my new rheumatologist and will probably learn more about the common cold with rheumatoid.

The only good side to all this is that the scale seems to be going in the right direction even though I have been eating ice cream every day.

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Nancy's Point said...

Sorry you haven't been feeling well for so long. I hate those lingering colds. Hope those antibiotics kick in and do the trick so you feel better soon.

And as far as I'm concerned, any time is a good time to enjoy ice cream.

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