Wednesday, August 7, 2013

DVR/Tivo dependency

Before breast cancer, I was perfectly happy with out cable tv and without recording certain shows. I would stay up late and watch shows and I would use commercials for food and bathroom breaks. 

Now I am a DVR/Tivo junky. I have probably nearly 20 shows I record and watch while too tired to do anything else. I am a fan of reality TV. (There I admitted it.) I prefer cooking shows, HGTV and Lifetime movies (but sometimes I think they take the same plot and recreate a new movie).

I realize technology has changed in the last six years as well but I am dependent.

Last night to my dismay I found out on Facebook that a favorite show had started a new season weeks ago and I DIDN'T KNOW IT!'We recently switched from a DVR to a Tivo due to technical issues and had to set up all our recordings again. Apparently I am not perfect. I will have to watch two episodes online before catching up on the TV.

See my dependency? Its a good thing I only work three days a week so I have time to watch all my shows.

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