Friday, August 16, 2013

Starting my big break

I am about to leave for my last doctor appointment for, drum roll please.... SIX WEEKS! I have not had a break like this in years. You may think I am kidding but I am not. I have to go back to like February/March of 2007 since a break like this.

I resolve to stay healthy and not need any medical care until October.

And I only have five more appointments scheduled for the balance of 2013. Plus at least two more set of blood work. I wonder what miracle caused that? Maybe I am getting healthier. 

I will also add that my back is significantly better than it was after the trigger point injections.

No time for a big blog post today because I am late!

1 comment:

Nancy's Point said...

Wonderful! Enjoy your break. Gosh, you deserve one! And I'm so glad to hear your back is feeling better!

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