Sunday, August 11, 2013

Time flies when you are having fun

Or when you are a space shot. It is now 330pm in the afternoon and it just occurred to me that I did not blog today. I mean I thought I did. If you had asked me what I blogged about I probably couldn't have told you - but that's not unusual as I am a space shot at times.

Also, it is 330 in the afternoon and I haven't gotten much done. I mean I didn't sleep late but I didn't do much else. I did go to Kohls for a few things bright and early. I got some gardening done. Chatted with a neighbor. Got some cooking/food prep done.

But I haven't folded laundry. I haven't made the bed. And I need a nap.

The big news of the day is I have one little passion passionfruit and three baby limes growing, and a bunch of buds of my lemon tree. I will have fruit this fall. I am very excited.

So I will go make the bed and then fold the laundry. Then I can lie down on the nice neat bed for an hour or so and pretend I am having a nap.

Or you can just call me a spaceshot.

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