Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Stupid me

I have excuses. I have chemo brain. I have fibro fog. But sometimes I am just plain stupid. This was one of those times.

We are on vacation (note to all the burglars - we have a house sitter and our neighbors know we are away and we don't have anything valuable anyway). Two weeks before we left I made a big project to make sure we had enough of prescription medications to get us through our trip. I checked all of the bottles, refilled a couple.

The day before we left, I went through and filled up our medicine boxes - daily ones - with enough pills to get us through. I carefully packed my break through pain pills. We then designated a little tote bag for all of our medical needs. The first tote was rejected because it was too small so we moved to a slightly larger one. This is serious business.

Then I packed up some over the counter medicines including some Emergen-Cs - you know the packets of vitamin C. I put those in the little zip pocket because they are flat. I put in Tylenol, Mucinex and all that kind of thing.

The next day I went and put elastic bands on the pill boxes so they would not pop open in transit. Then I put in the extra prescription bottles  and double checked and triple checked. I had everything I needed.

As we went out the door I said to my husband the only thing that would get me to come back home would be if I forgot any medication. I told him that I had it all under control and had triple checked it twice.

We arrived on Sunday after driving 90 minutes (we are on the beach if you must know). Monday is pain patch change day. I am on Butrans pain patches - they last a week and provide a consistent dose of opiate medication to keep my pain all under control.

I went to get a replacement patch. THEY WEREN'T THERE!!! What I thought were replacement pain patches were the Emergen-Cs. Damn, triple damn, [insert all obscenities you know here].

Yesterday I went with plan A - taking my breakthrough pain tablets every four hours. It wasn't enough. At all. I didn't even tell my husband until last night. His first question was when was I going home to get them? I said I hadn't decided.

This morning I decided. I was in so much pain. I got in my car at 10am with the plan on going home and coming back by 2pm so I could enjoy the beach. While driving, I was trying to decide what didn't hurt. The answer was my right shoulder. [But now that is hurting too.]

I had to lie down for a couple hours before I could contemplate driving back. Now that I am back I am finally getting to blogging and have taken pain pills and am lying on an ice pack until I feel better.

I was really stupid.

PS The cat is royally pissed off at me. I left. He is not happy. He doesn't eat when I am not there. He will just have to suck it up until I get home.

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