Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Most people you meet, you generally don't share lots of private information until you have gotten to know them. Your doctor is different. You go see a new doctor for whatever reason and then you start spilling your guts on the state of your gut and other body parts.

If you think about it they are a stranger. I sometimes have to scrape doctors off the floor when I start telling them about my issues and allergies - they all love the fact that I am allergic to benadryl. I have had them start laughing too - with me, not at me.

But it is all about trust. How much do you really trust a stranger?

I think we believe doctors are ethical and honest human beings, with the best interests of the patient in mind. Personally I believe people are honest and ethical for the most part and don't start to lose trust unless I feel betrayed.

I don't mind if my doctors talk about me together in order to figure out how to best treat me. But I would be really upset if my doctors were trying to scam me. You hear the horror stories. I have blogged about a few of them as well. Here's a story with some more but also some good advice:
  1. Research your doctor. 
  2. Make sure your doctor isn't practicing outside his/her field.
  3. Be cautious of doctors who advertise too much.
  4. Ask a nurse or other hospital support staff.  
  5. Get a second opinion.
Be an educated patient, do your homework and most importantly pay attention to your gut (feelings).

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Andrea said...

I think probably the best advice is:

Stick with your doctor for a long time. Don't "doctor shop". Being in a doctor's care for a long time automatically generates trust.

My doctor is the doctor that took care of my Mom for decades & is now not only caring for me but for my (adult & minor) children too. He's not only our doctor but our friend... a friend we can trust.

Peace~ Andrea

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