Monday, August 5, 2013

Today I am a normal person

First I overslept (but still have time to blog - a tiny bit). I forgot to take all my pills last night so I have to figure out which ones I should take this morning vs which ones I should skip but I have to wait 1-3 hours before I can take any of them after my synthroid. That was after I put my pill box back together after dumping three days worth on the floor and having to sort them all out again. I think I am still missing two pills but as long as the cat doesn't eat them I can cope.

I wanted to leave for work early  but that doesn't look like its happening. I have showered. I have not eaten breakfast - I will do that when I arrive at work. I did make lunch for both of us. I have not yet brushed my teeth or my hair but my gym bag is packed.

Last night I was running around the back yard in my PJs at 10 pm with a flashlight looking for the damn cat who got out the basement door. This  morning I get an email from my next door neighbor that she has a raccoon on her back porch. I would generally not worry about the raccoon but since my cat is 18 years old, blind, deaf, and can't smell, he wouldn't know a raccoon until he walked right up to it.

Damn. I am now really late. Off I go as a normal person.... or as normal as I can ever be.

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