Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Breaking in new doctors

Its an ongoing effort that can take months or years! Today I am off for my third appointment with my rheumatologist. We are still getting to know each other.

My first rheumatologist, who I met a whopping two times, left the hospital and moved to another one which was closer to her home where she was a mother to two small children. I completely understand her reasoning. She was a nice woman and seemed like a good doctor but I just never got to know her well in two visits.

Then I met with a nurse practitioner for a three month follow up who was also nice. She got me started on injected methotrexate - and I HATE needles but that's another story.

Finally I met my new rheumatologist, who was recommended to me, in July. I saw her next in October and we made some progress. She got to know me a little more but we have a long way to go.

Today I meet with her for the third time. I hope for lots of progress. I have a big list of questions for her. I hope she has lots of answers for me.

My problem with doctors is I come with lots of baggage - meaning I have a really FAT medical file. Its full of cancer, endocrine stuff, autoimmune stuff, and a few decades of over use which has left me with assorted ailments. I have multiple doctors updating it constantly and regular blood work to keep track of things.

However I expect by a third visit a doctor will be up to speed and understand me a bit better. I'll keep my high expectations to myself and see how things go.

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