Saturday, January 18, 2014

What cancer is and isn't

I see lots of different takes on what cancer is and is not. Here is my take:

Cancer is:
  • a disease that can kill you.
  • a diagnosis with a unimaginable impact. It impact has been compared to PTSD. If you haven't walked the walk, don't even try.
  • a life long ailment. Just because you are done treatment, doesn't mean you are home free.
  • a gift. I have been known to cynically call it a 'gift that keeps on giving' because the cancer roller coaster really sucks. You never know when it will cause another problem or recurrence.
Cancer is not:
  • a color. As soon as pinkification begins, its like putting lipstick on a pig. Other colors included. Don't try to 'paint' cancer.
  • a political position. Some politicians have been known to make it their platform.
  • a spiritual condition, Some people get more religious which is fine. But some people after diagnosis, make it their calling.
  • your life.

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Teresa Saum said...

Love this, Carolyn. Thoughts I have I have tried to put into words.

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