Sunday, January 26, 2014

They want all the ribbons too!

Or another appalling example of Komen's good' will. I am not into Komen bashing as a rule but sometimes they just set themselves up for it.

This time in Okeechobee County, Florida, there is a woman coping with breast cancer. The local Komen affiliate in Florida does not provide financial support to women in Okeechobee county. They recognize there are underserved areas and that they can't help everyone. I can understand this. They are part of a safety net and just can't get to every woman. This isn't my problem.

Here's the problem. While she was in surgery,  her husband doodled up a little ribbon logo for her.
Now they are getting a nasty letter from Komen saying it infringes on their pink running ribbon. Seriously? Don't rub salt into the wound here.

Komen is becoming lawsuit happy. You can't have anything 'for the cure' because they 'own' the damn phrase. Now they want all the ribbons? What a bunch of idiots!

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