Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My inner rebel

I am being a rebel. A rebellious patient indeed. First of all let me state I am taking all my medications properly and know better than to miss any of them - or my body might implode or something.

I have always been a fan of coloring outside the lines. After the first cancer diagnosis I had to relearn to enjoy life but not play in traffic. Now I am sick of being a 'good' patient. My inner rebel needs to kick in for a bit.

So I am rebelling. I am debating which doctor appointments I can/should cancel. I mean I still have doctors that I wonder why I am still seeing. I might just sneakily cancel them and see if anyone notices. I mean why am I still seeing my radiation oncologist?

I know its part of a scheme by the hospital to make sure their cancer patients get seen regularly. Insurance will cover the visits to a radiation oncologist, medical oncologist, surgeon annually. So the hospital spaces them out through out the year to make sure that combined with your PCP you see a doctor every three months. I'm thinking every four months is fine with me.

I am probably not eating enough vegetables. I am probably drinking too much wine. I am stretching myself too thin regularly. But I would rather not go to the doctor and spending my time and money doing other things.

So my inner rebel is allowing me to do this and not feel any guilt.

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