Thursday, January 30, 2014

Doctor's Orders

Do you heed your doctor's orders? (Do you floss more because your dentist asks?) Two-thirds of Americans do not take their prescriptions medications as prescribed. That would mean that most of us are screw ups.

Yes there can be the issue of cost of the medications but aside from that it is sheer laziness or ignorance. I'm  not sure why.

The problem with not taking your medications as requested can result in life risking events - uncontrolled asthma or heart condition can result in an expensive Emergency Room visit or hospital stay. Even if its covered by insurance that adds costs to the medical system. And its 125,000 extra deaths each year.

I do my best to take my medications as requested by doctors. They make it damn complicated.

This is what I do:
Take this one daily, except Monday's when you should take 1/2 a pill.
Take these two pills weekly, 12 hours after your methotrexate injection.
Take this pill in the morning at least an hour after you take you first pill.
Take an extra pain pill at bedtime or at least 3 hours after taking evening pills.
And if I take all my evening pills at the same time I get a stomach ache so I need to split them up and take my vitamins later.

Every week there tends to be a little pile of vitamins that I missed at one time or another.... So I'm not perfect either.

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Intoxicating VixenBoutique said...

I somehow stumbled across your blog, and I wanted to send some well wishes your way...after a slight health scare last year I've tried to follow Dr's orders perfectly, but I somehow end up missing something as simple as vitamins often, I hate horsepills :D

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