Monday, April 21, 2014

Its Boston Strong Day

Here outside of Boston, it is Patriots Day, Boston Marathon Day, and one year since the explosions last spring. In the past year, the city and surrounding suburbs have gone throug a good deal of trauma where entire communities were told to shelter in place as the bombers were hunted. It was a very traumatic time.

Due to the explosions, hundreds of people lost their limbs - legs and arms - and lost their hearing or other permanent injuries. Four people were killed, three by the explosions, one shot by the bombers. A fifth fatality was announced last week as a police officer died while working out as a result of injuries sustained last year.

Today it is a perfect running day for the 118th Boston Marathon. It will start in the mid 40s and end around 60, with blue sky and lots of sunshine and a little sea breeze. I hope it is not marred by more terrorists.

Also it is Patriots Day where we celebrate the 239th anniversary of the start of the American Revolution. There will be celebration and reenactments of the first battles. These patriots show us we are still proud of our country and if we can keep the British at bay, we can also keep the terrorists away.

Its Boston Strong Day around here. We should all be proud.

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