Saturday, April 12, 2014

That took a while

I missed April Fool's Day this year because I slept through it. I had a stomach flu. Then I felt a tiny bit better. Then I started running a temperature up to 102.5. Then I stayed in bed for two days. Then I went to the doctor - that was on Monday. The verdict was I had a stomach flu that took me days to recover from.

The doctor took blood work and did a urine test to make sure I didn't develop anything else while recovering. Because of my immune system with RA and being on methotrexate, my body takes a really LONG time to recover from anything.

I didn't start feeling like myself and getting my appetite back until April 10. That would  be 9 days of being sick, having no energy or appetite and feeling like crap.

I am supposed to work 15-18 hours/week. I have worked a total of 12.5 hours in the past two weeks. When I left work on Friday, I said my goal for the coming week is to actually come to work.

I lead such an exciting life. And I'm blogging about it. And you are reading about it! I think I need something more exciting to write about.

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