Sunday, April 6, 2014

Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail, nor cancer....

Shall stop the blogger. But a pesky cold? Yes.

I have not been doing well this week. I had a nasty stomach flu for 24 hours on Tuesday and it has left me with a fever and generally crappiness (yes that is a technical term). I worked a grand total of 3 hours last week. Instead of my normal 15-18. I tried to go to the gym one day and was less than successful. I had planned to go away for a girls weekend and didn't.

Friday I got my nails done and that was it. Saturday I got out of bed for 30 minutes to prove that I could. Then I got back in bed and slept for the day. Today I got up, took as shower, ate some food and am now back in bed.

My father is convinced I got something when I was at the ER with him last weekend for 8 hours. I doubt it. But he wants nothing to do with me until I am better.

My husband is taking very good care of me. He makes me food. He brought me flowers (which the cat tried to eat twice and threw up twice). I hope for more ice cream today.....

The real problem I am left with is a temperature. I took it one dat last week and it was 99 and figured no big deal and ignored it. Then it started getting more interesting - up and down, from 98 to 102.5. So when do I call the doctor about a temperature?

I think normal people wait three days. My immune system is not normal and its been longer than 3 days so maybe I'll call tomorrow.

But I'll keep on blogging.

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