Friday, April 25, 2014


I have to get prepared. For what you might ask? Doctor appointments. On Monday I meet with my pain management doctor. I need notes to ask him questions. If I show up with a list, he wants me to read him my questions and then he answers each one. If I do not remember my list, I sometimes feel rushed with him. He has a very efficient manner so, in his efficiency I sometimes do not get all my questions answered because I forget to ask them.

My questions for him will cover my (annoying) back pain. My lower back pain is caused by my degenerating disks. It only happens if I bend over or attempt gardening (which I love) or sweeping, shoveling or vacuuming (which are  optional activities in my life). The decision will be do we do more needle treatments or not. Probably not.

My upper back pain is caused by fibromyalgia and myofascial pain. We can do more needles and things but they can be very helpful. The problem is they make me uncomfortable for a few days and we are going away for our anniversary (and will have a house/cat sitter so burglars don't get any ideas).

On Wednesday I see my rheumatologist and I have a big list for her. What to do about numerous body parts and their aches and pains. Do we stay on the same medications or do we switch or add others? I don't like the idea of more medications but I also want less pain in my life. And sometimes the side effects (mouth sores) of my current medications make things like eating difficult. Not that I wouldn't mind eating less and losing weight but its the pain part that I dislike.

I need my list for both or my chemo brain/fibro fog/whatever will not allow me to recall a damn thing when I get there. My life is full of some many adventures isn't it?

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