Sunday, December 21, 2014

Advice from a long, long time ago

Well back in 1981, I was told I had cancer the first time (and stop trying to figure out how old I am - I am 37 this year, I will be 37 next year, and was 37 last year.). I was the good patient. I went to see my doctors and had all the fun tests after surgery and learned to take my thyroid pills regularly (except today when I cant remember if I took it or not - most aggravating).

Then all of a sudden my doctor said 'You should be fine. Live a healthy life style, don't take risks, each right, and get plenty of sleep'. WHAT????? But I'm still in college. I don't want to live a healthy life style. I want to go to bars, dance to live music, stay out late, eat dessert for breakfast and breakfast for dinner and live on beer, coffee, and TAB (remember TAB?)

So after ruminating on this comprehensive advice for a few months, I decided that although I had been told I had cancer and would have a life of being dependent on a little bottle of pills, I was going to live my life on my terms. I wasn't necessarily going to play in traffic but I was going to do what I wanted.

I did do things like 18 months after cancer treatment, I went to Europe for six months to study. I survived that - being away from doctors and living my life as I wanted. I finished college, got a real job, started a career, and all that. I didn't implode. I had fun. And I am still here.

I may have had cancer again and my health may not be so great in a lot of ways, but I'm doing what I want for the most part and having fun. I don't think a cancer diagnosis, or two, should take all the fun out of life.

So my advice for the post cancer life is do what you want, don't play in traffic, and have fun.

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