Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Never share prescriptions

This is a prime example of why to never share prescription medications. A young woman in California took an antibiotic from a friend and ended up with a horrible reaction and is hospitalized with an allergic reaction that took a very nasty turn.

Two comments to note: First of all the friend had an antibiotic left from a previous cold. She should have taken all the antibiotic and not stopped it. Second of all, NEVER SHARE PRESCRIPTIONS!

I have seen and heard this countless times. A friend gets her Ativan from her sister. She also gets some pain meds from her. I think she should just go to the doctor and get her own prescriptions but she doesn't want to take the time. I have been on retreats where one woman wanted to see if she could get an Ativan from anyone, complete strangers met that afternoon. Someone offered one to her. Really? Bring your own.

Another additional problem with the habit of sharing prescriptions is making sure they do not end up being abused by others.

I can tell you that I have had allergic reactions to new prescriptions. Every time I get a new drug now, I read the allergic reaction list on what to look for. What happened to the woman in California is unfortunate and a warning to others not to share.

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