Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The future of cancer is amazing

Watch it here. (I can't get the code to center it correctly.)
I was amazed to watch this video from 60 Minutes a week or so ag. I wouldn't mind if it became true. I mean one of the patients in the video talks about how cancer research is on the edge of a huge breakthrough - the prediction is that in five years, what is standard cancer treatment will seem prehistoric. Another major point is that Dr Soon-Shiong wants to reclassify cancer - instead of by the body part where it is found to by the type of the mutation that is in the cancer.

Of course there are naysayers on this and people who think that it may be too far fetched or whatever.

From the perspective of the patient on this, if cancer could be treated without such drastic, poisonous methods, I am all for it. But I will say that although this video shows breakthroughs in research it does not show how it would be incorporated into existing medical treatment.

For example, would drastic surgery still be required to remove the cancer? Surgery which removes entire body parts is one of the worst part of cancer treatment - on you can't keep that part any more because it has cancer cooties in it.... That would be a big help.

But I digress. This video is worth the watch. It gave me hope.

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Unknown said...

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