Thursday, December 18, 2014

How to survive cancer

So with a cancer diagnosis, not only are you instantly plunged into cancerland on the roller coaster from hell, your life is changed.

I found two recent blog posts on Ten Things to Expect When You Have Cancer and Ten Tips from a 26 Year Breast Cancer Survivor to be helpful. Even though I resent that some people think we need every internet article to be a list of tips instead of essay format.

But then I wonder wouldn't it be nice if we didn't need these articles if cancer treatment experienced the breakthroughs I blogged about yesterday. That would be very nice.

Right now cancer treatment is horrible. Surgery, poisoning with chemotherapy and burned with radiation. What if cancer treatment didn't need to be so horrible and treatment was no worse than that for other treatable diseases? What if treatment was not as disfiguring and as hard to endure?

What if surviving cancer was an expectation and not the exception?

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3guidas said...

Not sure my earlier comment showed up. I was wondering what your take is on soy and breast cancer. Should it be avoided at all costs?

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