Wednesday, December 24, 2014

My time span

These days, every day I have an expiration time. This means at no point past that point in time should I attempt to do anything more than knit, read, or watch TV. This time frame means that every day I need to plan out  my day and not spend more time than I should at any point. Every week I sit down and plan out my little time periods so I can get through my days and what I need to get done..

Today my day is planned. Being lazy until 10 am when we will go get the last necessary items for Christmas dinner, make two pies, precook the squash, sort out dishes to use tomorrow, and take a nap while my husband sets the table and cleans up the kitchen.

Tomorrow is Christmas and guests are expected at 2pm to eat at 3pm. I have to put a ham and scalloped potatoes in the oven around 115 and then pick up relatives. We will make the green salad ahead and cook the green beans and heat squash at the last minute. After everyone leaves, which I assume will be by 8pm, I can go to bed early after we run the dishwasher.

Don't I lead an exciting life? This is life with RA and fibromyalgia. For more thoughts on what life with RA go read this.

Since my diagnosis  just over two years ago, my days are shorter and shorter but I hope to make them better and better but doing what I want to and not the stuff I don't want.

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