Monday, December 1, 2014

Don't confuse me!

I have a looming appointment with my rheumatologist this week (which I finally put on my calendar this morning) to talk about how I am feeling. We might even change my medication, I don't know.

Then there is an article on '5 Signs Your RA Treatment Isn't Working'. (Why do we need to have articles that are 5 signs... or 10 reasons.... or 15 best...?) Now I am confused. The five signs:
  1. Your Disease Activity Score Rises
  2. You Don't Feel Well
  3. You Develop Antibodies
  4. Your Polyglutamate Levels Are High
  5. Your Blood Shows Signs of Inflammation
I don't feel well and my blood shows signs of inflammation. But I have no idea what the other three mean, what they are and if I have them. Now I am confused. I thought I was fairly well educated on my RA but I guess I am not.

Now I know what my questions will be for my doctor on Thursday.

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