Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A Legacy?

Am I supposed to be leaving a legacy? Honestly, what is my life expectancy? I am sure there are calculators online but I haven't bothered. I just know that I probably won't live as long as most other people born about the same time as me with the same general backgrounds.

As you know, my health sucks so I don't have the expectation of being the oldest living person at whatever age that is. I could also get hit by a bus tomorrow or my cat could trip me on the stairs. I have no idea when I will go but I will at some point, as all the rest of you will.

So my question is am I supposed to be leaving some kind of legacy to be remembered by? I keep reading articles about all these cancer people who leave a legacy of some kind. My husband and I don't have children so once we are gone that will be the end of us. I mean our siblings will probably remember us, if they are still around but no lasting legacy.

Should I be thinking up a legacy to leave behind? Do I want to be remembered as something or someone, some how? I consider myself a good person and donate to charities, volunteer, blog about my health crap. But should I be doing more? If so why?

I think I am curious about this because I am wondering if it would give new meaning to my life. Do I need new meaning? Do I need to get behind a cause? Do I need to come up with a new cause? Or should I just continue to be me?

Does anyone else think of this kind of stuff, healthy or unhealthy? We finish our education and go out to leave our mark on the world. Did I make a mark or should I try to make a mark some how? Or how do I want to be remembered?

Life is full of these little questions. Existentialist or not.

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