Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Cancer Shield

I read an article talking about the rise and fall of Lance Armstrong. How is use of drugs and the culture behind the scenes of professional bike riding eventually fell apart. This lead to him being banned for life from bike riding.

In one part of the article, one of his former team members stated that he had a 'cancer shield' instead of being a 'cancer survivor'. I was very intrigued by the term 'cancer shield' which lead to me thinking. (Sorry, I know I should never think too much.)

So I am familiar with idea of the 'cancer card', which is from Kris Carr's Crazy Sexy Cancer.This idea allows you to get out of certain things you really do not want to do.... like lunch with your boss - you can say 'well I'm not feeling that well' and sigh. I mean god for bid you might have a relapse as a result of lunch with your boss. Or you swipe that cancer card to justify buying a funky pair of new shoes....

But if you abuse that 'cancer card', do you create a 'cancer shield'? Abusing the shield would allow you to justify bad behavior by hiding behind your cancer. Its one thing to buy those fancy shoes to celebrate ending chemo. I bought myself a fancy watch in fact. But buying a new pair of shoes every day would be irresponsible and lead to a whopping credit card bill.

Was Lance Armstrong using a cancer shield to hide his bad behavior and abuse of prohibited drugs? I'm not sure. But I can think of other bad behaviors where the badly behaved hid behind their cancer 'shield'. Just because you are still here after a cancer diagnosis, it doesn't mean rules no longer apply to you.

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