Saturday, April 23, 2016

I'm Not Unhealthy Enough

As I expected the Social Security Administration does not think I am unhealthy enough to receive disability benefits. I did not expect to be approved the first time I applied. According to them since I can walk and lift up to ten pounds I should get a job. They understand that I have degenerative disk disease, depression, rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia but they are all being treated to a level where I should be able to work.

What they missed is that all of these ailments are treatable but they missed the one that isn't treatable: fatigue. Other than a good night's sleep, which helps me for a good part of the following day, there is not much else you can do for fatigue. I do exercise, which leaves me with good mobility and range of motion, so my body is physically tired to help me sleep. But I rarely sleep all night. And the good mobility and range of motion allows me to move around better than most people with my ailments.

Last night, we had house guests arriving late, I feel asleep on the couch at about 9 until they arrived around 1030. Then after everyone settled down I went to bed and it took me at least an hour to get to sleep. I kept waking up and finally got up around 630. I know I will be tired later but I'm okay for now... until I need to lie down for a few hours this afternoon. Tomorrow I would like to sleep until 9 am but I doubt that will be possible.

Anyway, now I need to file an appeal with Social Security to see if I can eventually receive benefits. As I said, I did not expect to be approved now. I expected it to take up to two years and its only been less than three months. (Proof that the wheels of the government can move at a relatively normal pace.) Now to find a lawyer. I think I have the name of one and will start there.

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