Wednesday, June 15, 2016

How Do You Sleep?

I went to my meds therapist on Monday - she is the one who prescribes me a sleep aid, among other things. My reply to her question on how I sleep was that I don't. If I take half a sleeping pill, I might sleep most of the night but if I wake up, I'll be up for hours. If I take a whole sleeping pill, I usually sleep all night but might run into a sleeping pill 'hangover' the next day.

Last night I took a whole sleeping pill. I woke up at 230 am and let the cat in. I never got back to sleep. My husband's alarm went off around 5. I got up with him, drank a cup of coffee, attempted to read email, and fell back to sleep (after that cup of coffee).

I then woke up again around 9. I only woke up at 9 because the cat (the little evil one) was walking around meowing because he wanted to go outside. But I do I feel now? Much better.

Unfortunately this is not an unusual occurrence. This is my life. Its a vicious circle:
Going to bed early because I am really tired - take a sleeping pill - wake up in the middle of the night - be really tired - and needing to go to bed early.

I need a nap today.

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