Monday, June 6, 2016

I forgot to get excited

There were two recent events where I forgot to get excited. First I forgot one of my cancerversaries last week (9 years if you care). My other cancerversary is in August and will be 35 years. I try not to focus on them in my life. My life is not about cancer. Its about me. And I don't want to focus my life on cancer.

Then I forgot National Cancer Survivorship (S-word) Day which was yesterday. I seriously think this is a 'Hallmark' holiday. Something some marketer came up with to sell more 'crap' (I mean 'stuff'). Are people supposed to send cards, chocolates, and flowers? Should we have parties with balloons, cakes? And can we name it without the disputed S-word?

I didn't get excited so I really just forgot them both.

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