Saturday, June 4, 2016

Too Much Pink!

Here is an example of what too much pink has done so much wrong: What is the biggest killer of women? If you said breast cancer, you are wrong. Breast cancer kills one in thirty women. But heart disease kills one in seven. Yes you read that correctly.

So much money and focus has been put on the stupid little pink ribbons that there is now a misconception in the public that have hidden heart disease as the number one killer. As a result, more focus is being put on a mammogram is a life saver instead of a thinner waist.

Obesity can contribute to worse outcomes in breast cancer but it definitely contributes to heart disease. Healthy and active life styles not just help improve outcomes in for breast cancer and even more for heart disease.

Personally, I think we should get rid of 99% of all the pink crap and move the focus to heart disease which is killing far more of us. (But still go for our mammograms.)

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Felicity said...

Thanks for raising this! It means a lot to me to hear it coming from someone with breast cancer. I have bowel cancer which is a very common cancer yet like other 'non-breast-cancer-illnesses' it is miles behind in awareness and treatment. I think other organisations can learn at lot from the good work that has been done for breast cancer but the pink thing has got out of control! Its a real double edged sword.

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