Friday, June 17, 2016

Where does time go?

I still think its maybe early May. I had a break coming from my doctor appointments, its spring, lots of time to plan vacations, and more.

Where does time go? Its mid June which means we are almost halfway through the year. How did that happen? The last few weeks have been a blur. I was not productive last week because (a) I needed a break, and (b) we had guests. All I did was have fun. I ignored pending doctor appointments, volunteer work, and the rewrite of my disability application.

Earlier this week I had doctor appointments (so far I am fine). I rewrote my disability application with some help (which the lawyer actually thought was good). I worked on my volunteer work but got stuck. I did make some vacation plans for us in early August. I also need a lot of rest after the past week.

Now its Friday (but feels like it should be Wednesday) and I have lots of work to do. I have friends coming over in a few hours. I am not sure I will be done in time.

I think I need to go back and dream about early May.

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