Thursday, March 6, 2008

Achieving perfection in patient confusion

When I made the appointment for my MRI next week, they gave me a piece of paper which says in big bold letters - no eating or drinking four hours prior to the test. Seems pretty clear to me. I thought I could eat a late lunch and then be fine with not eating. Yesterday, they called me to confirm things for my test. They confirmed that I do need to be there 30 minutes early (after last week's scheduling issues I wanted this clarified). They also asked about claustrophobia (MRI's are not for the claustrophobic) but I am okay there. I did have my blood tests so I am all set. Then she said I could eat or drink before the MRI. I said then why did I get a piece of paper telling me not to eat or drink. She said 'let me check'. She checked and said yes I can eat and drink. Hmmm... Perhaps I shall still have a late lunch and then only drink water before the test. I would hate to get there and have them say 'sorry, you ate food, we have to postpone the test'. Grrr.... Just a little confusion to distract me from the stress. They are getting very good at this! I swear its part of a big plot - keep them confused and they won't complain.

Otherwise yesterday was not exciting. I went on a walk to no where on the treadmill at the gym. Then I went to work where I managed to mess things up somewhat (but they were corrected later). I managed to waste approximately 30 minutes on this one website: Only go there if you have many hours to waste. I am not responsible for any time wasted there. Unfortunately I think it is updated daily. Oncey ou are done there and still have more time to waste, try to expand your vocabularly and do a good thing at the same time.

Today I am going outside for a walk and then to work and then a volunteer meeting. The big excitement for the day is Walter is cooking dinner.

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