Sunday, March 9, 2008

More ponderings

First of all, if one accidentally washed one's debit card in the pocket of one's sweat pants and it went through both the washer and the dryer, what are the chances that it still will work? It was in its protective sleeve in case that would make a difference.... (Not that I could possibly have done this! ;-) Anyhow, that was a big fat oops!

The second pondering is should we actually believe what fortune cookies tell us? We went out to dinner last night and this was my fortune cookie. The question is what is the credibility factor for fortune cookies? While it did not tell me I would become rich beyond my wildest dreams or that I would inherit a lot of money, it would be nice if it came true. Should I use the lucky numbers on a lottery ticket? Or since I received the fortune cookie yesterday, is my good fortune over, as it is now today?

Third, if we go to the beach, as promised by Walter, will we freeze to death as it is 42 degrees out with a 17 mph wind, wind chill of 34. (I don't think I'll mention that part until we get there.) However, I don't think we will be sitting in the sunshine working on our tans either.

Last, if we go out for a giant lunch of fried seafood (hello Mr. Cholesterol) should we eat anything more than salad for dinner? I am looking forward to fried clams, maybe some scallops, a clam cake, and some fries and onion rings. They are quite good where we are going as they fry everything in lard. The more unhealthy the cooking process the better things taste. I promise we will not have ice cream this evening as that would be a bit much.

Otherwise, yesterday I did get to the gym to work off the tax season stress and we had a quite a good meal out at dinner. After the fried food pig out today, I will go to the farm stand and get us some vegetables for salads to see if we can be healthy again. Not an exciting life we lead at all.

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