Friday, March 7, 2008

Questions for the day

I decided today I will not worry and stress about upcoming tests and their results. Instead I shall focus on the more short term issues in my life. For instance, I am getting a manicure today - what color polish should I use? You think this is an easy question but I have switched to this new polish that doesn't use tuolene and formaldehyde like many other polishes. However it comes in a limited number of colors. It does stay on really well - probably lasts for 10 days unless I am bad and garden or something. Anyhow, so whatever color I pick, I will have to look at for at least a week and then coordinate outfits and everything. Last time I chose fuschia, this time I need something different. See how complicated this is?

Another questions is what to make for dinner? We were going to go out tonight for my mother's birthday but we changed it to tomorrow night. I was going to go shopping tomorrow and get fresh food for dinner tomorrow after eating out tonight. Now with the schedule change, I don't want to go shopping for food today as we are out tomorrow night and on Sunday so whatever we don't eat will just sit there and get icky for three days or maybe I would have to go shopping again on Sunday. This is my little Suzy homemaker dilemma. The real problem is we don't have any vegetables to cook, salad, bread, juice, or fruit. (We do have plenty of cat food and cat treats.) I have to go investigate the freezer and see if I can come up with a nutritionally balanced meal with what we already have. How long are frozen vegetables still good in the freezer??? I think there might be some glaciated in the back. I know we have frozen spinach and we also have a frozen spinach pie. I don't think I can serve spinach as a side dish to spinach pie. We might be able to survive on a quick emergency trip to Trader Joe's.

Another question for the day is will I get my daily walk in before the rain starts? I prefer to walk outside particularly as the days are getting warmer but I have appointments this morning and can't walk until this afternoon. At some point it will start raining and then I would have to go the gym for the walk to nowhere on the treadmill. My life is extremely complicated here.

Lastly, can I motivate (stop procrastinating and being sucked in by the giant time suck of the internet) to get to my therapist appointment early enough so I can walk up to the pharmacy and get more the lotion for my crispy skin? The pharmacy at the hospital is a good ten minute walk each way from the therapy department so its not like its right next door. If I try to drive, I would have to park in OMWAH land (a/k/a the parking garage) and then move my car. I won't have time afterwards and don't have enough lotion to last much longer and I don't know any other place they sell it. The crispiness has continued as they promised me. Now I have a big red rectangle covering the entire area that was crisped. It is not necessarily sore but there are a few area which are extremely sensitive and raw. How does that sound - raw, peeling skin? Why am I asking - I know it sound icky and it is.

See how complex my life is? Perhaps I should be like the cat and stay home and take a nap. Or just go to or the or whatever it is and waste a couple of hours....

The news of the week is Walter cooked dinner last night. I had a late meeting and he thought he had a conference call that was canceled so he got to cook. He made sauteed chicken with onions, zucchini, and asparagus and it was quite good. Mental note - get him to cook more often.

Otherwise, today's segment of my boring life is therapist, manicure, walk, volunteer work, and some weird meal for dinner. How's that for exciting? It does beat the cat's day - he will sleep, eat, sleep, eat, sleep, eat, watch birds out the window on 'his' lawn, sleep, eat, sleep, eat. Actually that doesn't sound too bad...

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