Friday, March 21, 2008

Medical milestone

Its hard to believe but we have reached a medical milestone already. I went to pick up a prescription the other day and there was no charge. We have already reached our annual out of pocket maximum for the year on our medical insurance. I am not sure if this is a sad thing as it reflects how many doctor visits/tests/procedures I have had since Jan 1. Or if it is a good thing as any remaining visits/tests/procedures will not require any payments for another 9 months. This is your classic half full/half empty issue.

Perhaps with the savings we will have, I can spend money to cure my cold. No wait, there is no cure for the common cold. I will sit here and suffer. I have been informed I don't suffer 'silently', that I am whiney at times. Well you would be too if you were congested, your spouse was imitating your raspy voice, and you had to keep blowing your nose! I shouldn't complain, he is taking care of me. Actually, yesterday I did feel like a human being for a while. I haven't decided yet today if I am feeling better or not. This is day 4... As long as I don't run out of kleenex before I feel better, I will be okay.

Today I am staying at home and waiting for the stove delivery men. They are not very easy to schedule. They want to show up between 1215 and 215pm. I have a phone interview (with my raspy voice - I will have to convince them that I am real person) at 2pm. If they arrive too late, I will refuse the delivery and reschedule again. It will be nice to have a stove that is not tilted, the burners heat up relatively fast, and I can use the timer without resetting the clock. (Remember stoves that had the little dial clocks where you had to twist the knob the right way to use the timer but not the wrong way or the clock would be reset - that is what we currently have, vintage 1989.) My fingers are crossed that they will arrive on time.

Now that I am done with all my tests, treatments, and procedures (love that word!), I am running out of topics here. Perhaps I will have to expand my horizons and write about things other than doctors, cancer, cat, bacon, ice cream and work. There must be other things out there. No, not writing about politics, religion, Chinese olympics, conflict in the Middle East. Let me stretch my tiny chemo brain for a few days and see what I can come up with. Perhaps it is time to regain the human race and actually have a life and do things that are enjoyable again... Or perhaps I should finish getting my energy back first so I don't over do it (but that would be so unlike me).

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