Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Books & Needles

Today we are off to Lahey to find out about my MRI and get the rest of the results. We will bring books to read as that will guarantee a speedy trip. Without a book, you are doomed to be there for hours, counting the holes in the acoustic ceiling tiles, and sent off to many more stops before being allowed to leave. Actually, this doctor always seems to run on time and visits are usually quite quick - but not to jinx myself on this one.

In addition to bringing a book with us when we go to the hospital, I also remember to tell everyone when a needle might be involved that I really don't want to see it. Yesterday, Walter did not remember this and went to get a filling. He said it went fine but he saw the giant needle with its two big stainless rings on it! I said he should have just closed his eyes.

Of course, today I have to go to the doctor and I woke up with a temperature. I didn't feel that great last night but now this changes all my plans for the rest of the day. I don't think I'll go to work this morning and probably not for a walk or my support group either. I am definitely going to the doctor. When do you get too sick to go to the doctor? I don't care. I want my results. A little fever of 100.4 is not going to stop me. But I will spend the morning in bed. Tylenol is a good thing. Walter already brought me breakfast in bed. Maybe I can convince him to cook dinner too. And make me lunch. And feed the cat.

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