Sunday, March 23, 2008


No, not me, the computer is cured! It had a bad memory stick - or something along those lines. I am not sure. I do know it was hard ware and not software, and I didn't lose any data on my hard drive (perhaps I should back up more often.)

Me on the other hand, my cold is still flourishing. (Apparently I am not very good at the suffering in silence part and was slightly whiney.) Yesterday, I watched TV, napped, watched more TV, and ate dinner that Walter cooked. The cat was most helpful in this process. He watched TV and napped too. He did have a little trauma in his life yesterday. Walter cleaned out his dish and dumped out all the old dry food, washed his dish and then let it dry on the counter. I was upstairs and the cat kept coming into the room and sitting on me and leaving. I couldn't figure out what was wrong until I went down stairs and found out that his food dish was unavailable to him. He must have 24/7 access to a full food dish or his life contains more stress than he can handle.

I do feel somewhat more human today and may even progress to going for a little walk later on when it warms up. I think I need some fresh air. Perhaps I will cook dinner tonight as well.

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