Friday, October 2, 2009

The joys of plane travel

I have spent entirely too much of my life in an airplane. I used to travel a lot. Now I don't. I don't mind. A business trip is the most overrated form of transportation on the planet. Now I travel for fun and its much more interesting. But the airplane portion of it is no different. Now there are just more rules, less food, less entertainment while you are on the plane.

But people are still stupid. While boarding there was a couple for whom English was clearly not their first language. They had more luggage than they could carry aboard. The gate agent decided which of their bags was not carried aboard. The woman was upset. As the woman behind me said, telling them to check a bag when they don't understand isn't going to work. Now they had two upset passengers needed a little more courtesy. Perhaps a translator could have helped.

Then there are the people who sit down and want to borrow your newspaper - they part you wanted to keep. If I was giving it away, I would offer. If I am sticking it in my bag, I'm keeping it.

I will report that air plane seats are contoured for someone else's back. Not mine. I need more support. Don't tell me I can use those nasty little pillows and blankets to support my back. When was the last time one was cleaned or a pillow got a new pillow case? Just say bodily fluids and head lice and you will never touch one again either.

But I did arrive and my back was mostly fine. It really appreciated being picked up in a (complimentary) limo at the airport. A real limo. Not just a town car but a real limo with seats for four in the back. And the hotel is pretty darned cool too since we are about 15' above the lake surface... And had Afghani food for dinner. I did go for a little walk in the afternoon but my back was very tired so I was a cooperative person and listened to the little voices and actually took a nap and iced my back and feel mostly human.

This morning we are off for a morning walk and then down to the college reunion which was the real reason for this trip in the first place. I am taking part in a alumni networking fair with students and other alumns. I figured my piece of advice for students is simple - 'Don't get cancer'.


Miss LaLa said...


I work for a woman-run company that is donating proceeds of a non-toxic product to Breast Cancer Fund, an organization working to eliminate the environmental causes of breast cancer, and thought you'd like to know about it. We are dedicated to ensuring that folks know about non-toxic alternatives for every day eating on-the-go, and love what Breast Cancer Fund is doing to highlight some of the environmental factors that might be contributing to the fact that 9 in 10 women who have the disease do NOT have a genetic history of it. Please contact me if you have a moment and are interested in letting your readers know about both us and Breast Cancer Fund.

All my best,

Ann said...

I hope you are having a great time at your reunion, Caroline. And, I hope your back doesn't give you too much trouble - sometimes hotel beds can give even people with healthy backs pain.t

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