Friday, October 9, 2009

Losing and finding my topic

I had a great idea for a post... but that was yesterday. Today I can't remember it. I even left myself a note, which I can't find. I will say yesterday I started a bit of a flame war on Facebook. Some idiot, and I use the term loosely, said that people with metastatic breast cancer are the 'walking dead' like people on death row. I think some how she didn't realize how insensitive that was. If you feel she is correct and I am wrong, please let me know. However I really do think she is in the wrong.

Anyhow, today I am working from home. The electrician is coming to replace 11 outlets which are two prong with three prong ones. Our goal is to be able to plug things in with out adapters and extension cords everywhere. Anyway, it will be an eventful morning with moving everything around. Including my computer desk in my office. Since it is a disaster to start (see comment above about the lost note), I am not sure if it will be a good thing or a bad thing that I need to move it and rearrange. Perhaps I shall consider vacuuming behind it. The funny thing is you let an electrician or other worker into your home to do work and they find out all your secret little messes - the piles of dust bunnies. I hope our house is not the messiest. Actually, I consider it just 'lived in'.

The other day there was an interesting article on CNN, which now that I go to find, I can't find it but I did find the article that I meant to write about (chemo brain wins)... The article is about Planned Patienthood and ties in with a patient advocacy topic at a support group I attended the other night. Basically, when you go to the doctor there are a few things to remember:

1. Your doctor cannot read your mind. Nor can (s)he tell what hurts when unless you speak up. And speak up quickly before, they run out of time.
2. Write things down (even if you don't have chemo brain) so that you remember to ask all your questions and the answers to them.
3. Ask questions if you don't understand or aren't clear. You are paying for a service so you should get the information in an acceptable format (even if you don't like what they are telling you).

So now that I have written about my oh-so-profound topic, I need to spend some quality time tidying up my office and vacuuming up dust bunnies.

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