Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pink things I cannot stand

I am collecting a list of 'pink' things I cannot stand this month, which I have renamed Pinktober. Its not hard to come up with a lot of them.

- Pink prescription bottle caps from Walgreens. And the pink clashes with the brown bottles. Why just pink? Why can't they come in a whole rainbow of colors so you can remember which bottle is which without having to pick up each one and read the label.

- Pink Snuggies. You know, 'The Blanket With Sleeves' that was all the rage last winter during the rising heating prices? If you go to their website, they still only exist in red, blue and green, but I saw pink ones in a store yesterday. (I will say, I saw an ad on TV for snuggies for your pet...) A bright pink snuggie will force you to redecorate your living room so you don't clash with the upholstery - now there's a way to fix the economy - sell pink snuggies, force people to purchase new furniture, it would be better than cash for clunkers!

- Breast cancer ribbon BAGELS! (No they weren't pink but its the idea that makes them fit here.) Yes, they had cherry vanilla bagels that were not round with a whole in the middle but ribbon shaped. I met my cancer friends for coffee and every one asked about them because of the sign in the restaurant but only one person got them because they were such a yucky flavor.

- Entire displays of pink merchandise - why can they put pink on things and expect them to sell? I was in Bed, Bath, and Beyond yesterday and there was a giant display of pink stuff. I looked carefully. Most of it was junk. I do admit that a couple of years ago, I purchased a pink handled chopping knife - and it is a really great knife. I bought it because it was on sale after Pinktober and got a great deal on a good knife.

Speaking of which, what happens to all this stuff after Pinktober ends? Does it end up in dollar stores or the 80% off rack like unsold Christmas merchandise at the end of January? Well, today is the 25th which means there are only 6 days to go in Pinktober, which will be saturated with Halloween so I might survive.


Anonymous said...

Front page story - today's NYT - about the relentless nature of cancer and the resolute patients and doctors who deal with it. This article confirms your stance: cancer sucks and one is never cured.AND one can live with it -- and that loss of innocence--for a long long long time. Your blog is really wise! and funny, and informative. Keep up the good work.

Ann said...

It's hard for me to get on the pink soapbox like so many other breast cancer patients. I admire a good marketing tool and wish I was genius enough to come up with something like Pinktober myself. :) But, the items you see in the stores really are ridiculous. When the stores are full of pink vacuum cleaners, you know something has gone wrong.

BaldyLocks said...

I almost fell over when I saw the pink toilet paper. How nice. I can think of how much good I'm doing for the cause as I wipe my a**.

We're almost through Pinktober!

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