Thursday, January 17, 2013

Crankiness abounds, redux

Am I cranky or am I cranky. I had an entire blog post written about why I am cranky these days and posted it. I went back in to edit it, and DELETED THE ENTIRE THING without any help from the cat. I did this all by myself.

I am cranky. Here are the reasons that I can remember that I wrote for being cranky:
  • Not enough sleep. I get a lot of sleep but then alarm clocks, pets, and other annoyances wake me up.
  • I get tired very easily and have had to limit my schedule and some people really annoy me in that they do not understand why I am not jumping up and down to go out and be social and to work on weekends like I used to be able. 
  • I have an appointment with my rheumatologist to discuss progress/prognosis/treatment options etc. Maybe stressful
  • I may be a little over scheduled but not as bad as previously.
  • I have an upcoming ultrasound that will not be discussed until I am damn well ready to - so don't even think of asking me about it. It could be stressful.
  • It is freezing cold out and I need to go to work asap - but am rewriting my blog in a less than witty fashion because of my severe lack of computer skills.
  • And I am really annoyed at all the liars out there these days - Lance Armstrong, the foot ball player with the 'dying' girl friend who never existed, politicians, and other fools.
I should just stay in bed and hide from the world but will head out and share my crankiness with the world.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

dear caroline,

so sorry for all the many things that are rattling your cage and making you cranky - don't know how you COULDN'T be! it's really good to share - but i'm in total awe you were able to with all that's on your plate. i know there will be others who will be able to relate - so much of the time, it's ALL JUST TOO MUCH.

i left you a comment on your "dr. google" post, but it must have disappeared? can't even begin to recall what i wrote - &%$#ing chemo brain!!! oh, - maybe i swore too much. if so, sorry.

big, but gentle hug,

karen, TC

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