Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Driving skills

My father will probably cringe at this post, my brother will roll his eyes, and my husband will laugh. My parking skills are sub par. Really sub par. When I got my driver's license way back when, I had to parallel park - and knocked over a row of metal garbage cans but the instructor still passed me.

I even drive a little car. My husband thought when we bought a little car with a tiny turning circle that I would finally be able to parallel park. Nope. Unless the space is extra large, I either skip it or take 47 back-and-forths to get somewhere within a mile of the curb. (My husband usually makes some snide comment about the distance to the curb.) Sometime when I find the parking place difficult, I allow my husband to park the car for me.

I have somewhat wanted a VW Beetle because it comes with a flower vase. I am a girl. I admit. Maybe when we are next car shopping, I should get one of the car's Ellen makes fun of here.

When I go to the gym, I use pink 1lb. weights. No one else ever uses the pink weights. My only problem is I would like a set of pink 1 lb. weights for home and can't find them anywhere.

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Anonymous said...

I bought pink 1lb weights at Dick's Sporting Goods -

I think it was the only color they had.

Lois K

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