Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Self Education

My week ends with a trip to my rheumatologist to discuss progress or lack of progress in treating my rheumatoid and getting it under control. I have had two other appointments with her. The first one was 'we really do not think you have RA but will figure it out and get it under control.' The second visit was 'even though I didn't think so, you do have RA and fibromyalgia so let's start treating it'.

Now it is time for the progress update and we can talk about medication allergies, disease progression, treatment lack of progress, fear of needles, pain levels, physical limitations, and all sorts of fun things that I am not sure I know that much about.

I do know some about fibromyalgia and some about RA. I do not expect to have to be able to distinguish between which pain is which - some of it is obvious, some not. But I do need to be able to understand what is disease progress and what is treatment progress. I need some education.

I used to always be good about studying ahead but now I will start cramming. Good thing there is a convenient snow storm which should keep me home tomorrow and give me the time to learn something.

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Renee D. said...

Hi Caroline,

I just stumbled upon your blog, and I am really enjoying your writing style and your helpful list of resources.

I was wondering if you would consider linking to my family's cancer blog: www.welovegabrielle.blogspot.com. We started it in the wake of my mom's diagnosis with stage 3 ovarian cancer. It's co-written by my mom, my dad (an M.D. and freelance writer for the L.A. Times), my brother (a 22-year-old medical school applicant), and me (a 24-year-old nanny and writer). We try to mix humor and poignancy in our honest, creative posts.

We would love to know that others in similar situations are finding solace in our blog, and we would love to connect with ovarian cancer survivors!

Thanks, Renee

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