Sunday, January 13, 2013


"Never underestimate the power of a good night's sleep."

I don't know who said that but it is true. Maybe its just a mattress commercial but I still like it.

I have never been the late night partier (well except college but who wasn't then and maybe a few other times but the statute of limitations is now well past on all my 20 something activities).

I believe, and have for decades, that 9 pm is a good time to go to bed for adults. A friend once accused me of living like a little kid by going to bed so early. My husband believes the same thing - I think mostly due to his military years and maybe because 21:00 looks much later than 9pm.

I have always been an early morning person. Even as a teenager I never slept until noon. Sleeping late would mean getting up at 8. The cat loves this because he likes a 5am breakfast. During the week we have an alarm clock with a back up cat alarm. Sleeping late and getting to work late was never a problem.

Usually I have slept pretty well with growing problems of insomnia over the years. Chemo treatment and stress are definitely insomnia problems. Back pain can make it had to get comfortable and sleep.

But now I no longer have any sleep problem - other than not getting enough. Both rheumatoid and fibromyalgia cause fatigue. In the past few months I have been able to take naps daily if I want, sleep ten hours a night. In the past few weeks I need both hands to count the number of times I have slept in past 8 am. I have also gotten more than 10 hours of sleep on many nights. Yesterday I woke up at 930 am.

Each week I find that by Friday I am exhausted from getting up to go to work three mornings. I can't get enough sleep during the week. By Friday night I need at least 12 hours.

I don't have enough time in my life to sleep so much. I'll have to give something up - like going to doctor appointments. That would give me more time for sleep. Ha. As if.

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