Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Get out of my way

As part of my routine, I am going to the gym after work today. I go three days a week regularly and I am serious about my workout. I bring my nook or a book so I don't have to talk to poeple I don't want to on the cardio machines. I have a routine, 45-50 cardio, four machines, and the rest in the mat room. I have a schedule to meet - I need to get through my routine and go home before I collapse in exhaustion after a long day at work.

I know the gym will be annoyingly crowded by all these resolution types. I hate the gym for the first three weeks of January - that is how long the average New Year's Resolution lasts. Then they give up and don't come back to the gym until January of next year.

But for the next three weeks, all you resolution people need to keep out of the way of the regulars.
  • You look at the machines and cant figure out how they work because it has been so long since you were there. So you fiddle, and hopefully will not hurt yourself, and take a long time to sit there between sets because you probably put too many pounds on the machine.
  • Yes a stationary bicycle is slightly different than one you ride down the street. No kick stand to start with.
  • You probably walk slower than you think on the treadmill. Start slowly and build up. Don't jump on at 5 mph or you will probably land on your butt.
How do I know these factoids?  At one point I was a gym newbie and knew nothing on how to use a treadmill either - I know its only walking but its a little more complicated indoors. I took the time to learn with trainers on how to work the machines and asked questions when I didn't know.

But in my cynical 'New Me' way, I am more likely to say 'get out of my way' and stop hogging the machines.

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AnneMarie said...

You make me laugh!!! I was just talking about resolutions.... and the gym being the big one... and here I find your post... describing precisely what I was trying to say....


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