Saturday, September 21, 2013

But I'm not that sick (or I didn't think so)

Yesterday I had lunch with a friend. She is someone who has had breast cancer twice, two mastectomies and every complication on the planet. We talked about all sorts of things, including our health. We had a 'healthy' meal of Chinese food. Not to say that Chinese food in general is bad for you but we ate the unhealthy things like fried egg rolls. And we gabbed about all sorts of t hings.

At the end of lunch we parted with the intent to get together for lunch in a month or so again. She said to me 'take care of yourself' in a way that made me realize, she really meant it. I guess she thinks my health is really that bad.

I don't think of myself as that unhealthy but I guess I am. I have to schedule my life in such a way that I allow down time to basically crash for a few hours.

I do have some health concerns plus a few worries on the horizon. But I go to the doctors - many of them - in the first week of October where these will start to be addressed. I am not discussing any of them until my doctors and I get to discuss them and decide on next steps. (Its my blog and I get to decide when I will discuss them.)

But I'm really not that sick (or I didn't think so). I'm not about to drop dead at any time soon. But I will say its hard to develop healthy behaviors when your health is regularly going in the wrong direction.

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