Friday, September 27, 2013

I'm tired

We have been on vacation - an old friend (not old in the sense of aged, but in the sense I have known her more than 30 years). Now that we have vacationed, I am tired.

We haven't stayed up late drinking. In fact last night was the only night we have had anything alcoholic to drink. We really haven't stayed up late either. But we have had some (mis)adventures.

Day one: My friend left her purse and bag in a store. When she went back to get her purse, the cashier was chasing her out the store again about the bag she left behind.

Day two: We went into downtown Burlington VT and did some shopping. When we stopped for lunch I realized I lost the parking garage ticket. I had to plead my space shot story to the guy working in the garage. Then when we got back to the hotel, I realized I lost my hotel room key card as well.

Day three: After getting a new key card at the hotel, we went to Middlebury for the day. We did get several sets of directions and didn't ever find the last store we wanted. But I don't think we left anything behind....

Day four: We went to the Shelburne Museum and had a wonderful time (I highly recommend it if you are anywhere near Burlington VT). As we left the museum, I said 'we had a good day, we didn't lose anything'. My friend told me later she considered saying 'the day isn't over yet'.

My husband called me when we were back at the hotel after the museum was closed and we had the following conversation:

Him: What did you do today?
Me: We went ot the Shelburne Museum.
Did you buy anything there?
No, we decided not to.
What did you see there?
Some great exhibits on quilting, weaving, circus trains and more.
Can you tell me why your debit card is there?
No it isn't. I have it here.
Write down this phone number - its the number of the local TD bank.You left you card in the gift shop.
No I didn't I have it here. Wait, that's the other debit card. Damn.

Then my friend got on the home with my husband so they could talk about me. Apparently I looked tired and she thought we should have left half an hour before we did.  I'm sneaky, I was actually exhausted about two hours after we arrived and we spent six hours there.... I slept really well last night.

I decided I wanted to turn the tv on so we could catch up on the news. I couldn't find the remote ANYWHERE. I went so far as to check the bags I had packed to make sure I hadn't put it in any by mistake. My friend then felt sorry for me and started to help. It was in the little stand right next to me on the bed side table the whole time.

Last evening I said to my friend 'we haven't gotten lost yet' and she reminded me that we aren't home yet. Crap.

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