Friday, September 20, 2013

That sucks vs. I'm sorry

One thing that drives me crazy is when I say something about my health and I get the reply of "I'm sorry". I always think, WTH are you sorry about? I don't want your pity. Its my life and I'm living it as best I can.

Yesterday I went to the gym which I love and is full of dilapidated people like me, and worse. There are people that come in with oxygen tanks, one leg, club foot, orthotics, lymphedema sleeves, you name it and its a fashion statement there. Everyone is there with the goal of getting healthier. That is everyone but me. 

I am there to prevent losing more health - the basic things like flexibility, balance, and strength. A year ago I could do a lot more than I can now due to my RA and fibromyalgia. If I try to work harder, I end up regretting it for a few days after. I maintain my workout, going every other day, and slowly inch up increases. Then, inevitably something happens, flare, get sick, vacation, and I get set back and slowly start working my way up again.

The gym also runs different programs and 'contests' a few times a year. Things like a team weight loss challenge where the team losing the largest percentage of weight wins bragging rights. They get to sell extra training as a money maker for them. Anyway, I got to the gym yesterday and the young woman working the desk asked if I was I was interested in joining their 8 week fall fitness program. You get an assessment on your abilities to do whatever - planks, crunches, reps, etc - and then work with a trainer weekly for six weeks and get another assessment. At the end the team with the biggest increase wins bragging rights.

I was asked if I would like to join. I said that due to my RA and fibro I am not looking at increasing my work out but maintaining what I do without set backs. Her response was "well that sucks". My response was "Exactly!"

I was very happy not to hear another lame "I'm sorry". That made me feel better.

In the parking lot in the gym there is a shrubbery with a hole in the side. Now apparently it has two cute, furry residents.


Valerie said...

Lol, I'd love to hear "That Sucks" too. But I also think us cancer gals can get kind of prickly: some don't want to be called Warriors, some don't like Fight Like a Girl, etc etc. If someone means well I can overlook their ineptitude with words. (If I'm in a good mood, anyway:)

Julie said...

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